Take cyber security into account straight away

Cyber security solutions are on of the key driving forces behind the smart city market in germany.

This is the conclusion arrived at in the study „The Smart-City Market in Germany, 2021-2026“, published by Eco (Association of the Internet Industry) in cooperation with management consultants Arthur D. Little, and with the support of NetCologne, Cloudflare, Uber and the Vodafone Institute.
According to this, changing regulatory conditions in Europe, increasing awareness of online threats and the rise of digital business models are driving demands for infrastructure and software solutions. Internet services and applications are on the rise.

„As a result of the increasing networking in smart cities, the IT landscapes are becoming more and more complex. Cities, service providers and citizens are exchanging data across more and more IT systems and interfaces,“ Prof. Norbert Pohlmann, Head of IT Security at eco (Association of the Internet Industry), told the industry medium „IT-daily.net“.

„IoT devices, sensors and platforms for data exchange and analysis with very different levels of security increase the risk of security flaws and cyber attacks. Therefore, when smart solutions are being designed for administration and public services, the people in charge should bear cyber security in mind from the very outset.

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