Project description

Process Modelling: Online Access Act

E-Government with Civento

For the notification of the burning of vegetable waste, information must be provided by the citizen and regulations must be observed. This requires not only an exchange of information between the citizen and the administration, but also the involvement of the fire control center and the police department.
In order to speed up the process and make it more secure, it has been digitalized, thus allowing automatic verification of the requirements such as compliance with deadlines, dates, types of waste, location of the incineration site, etc.

Our role

  • Facilitation of workshops for requirements gathering and clarification of the process flow
  • Modeling/agreement/approval of process design with responsible parties
  • Mapping of the process with Civento
  • Assurance of functionality and quality tests in Civento
  • Provision of the process in the productive environment (via ekom21) and integration into the portal pages of the communitiesEvaluation of potential for connection to GIS and DMS

Customer:      Hessian IKZ
Period:  02/2021 – 05/2021

Civento process design


Judith Schultze
Business Development & Sales

EDAG Group

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