Smart Government

The digital town hall for cities and local authorities

Smart government comprises the digital city hall and the digital handling of processes. This is an important contribution to the modernization of administration:

  • Administrative digitization: Processes in public administration are accelerated and communication streamlined – quality and efficiency in the digital city hall are optimized.
  • 24/7 accessibility: Citizens can take care of official business from the comfort of their own living rooms.

Our process consultants, civento, process developers and interface programmers help ensure that the digital city hall is not just a buzzword, but can actually be used by citizens.




We support you in digitizing the analog processes in your municipality.



So that different programs can communicate with each other, we program interfaces.


Project management 

We take over the organization of projects from organizational set-up to process validation.



In order to transfer the analog working world into the digital one, we are happy to advise you on all questions regarding the digitalization of administration.

Current challenges in digital administration

Online Access Act

The “Act to Improve Online Access to Administrative Services” includes the digitization of administrative services by the end of 2022 and the connection of digital processes to an administrative portal. Accordingly, German cities and local authorities have the task of digitizing their administration and an IT infrastructure must be created so that citizens can also use the services of digital administration. Instead of making an appointment at the town hall and waiting in a long queue, the registration certificate or the resident parking permit can be applied for online.

Source: OAA implementation – Online Access Act – What is the Online Access Act?

Our Smart Government solutions

OAA procedure model

In a joint OAA workshop, you can work out your requirements in terms of prioritization, detailing and modeling with our experts.

Tool-neutral process description

In the tool-neutral process description, we analyze a process in its entirety (process steps, responsibilities, interfaces) and then visualize it in a diagram with descriptive texts. In addition to the representation of the existing process (current state), a tool-neutral process description includes the definition of the requirements, an objective and the identification of synergy potentials in text form (target state).

Process digitalization

Based on the tool-neutral process description, we digitize processes with the digitization platform civento. Pure application processes for citizens can be implemented in the same way as pure administrative processes or even the complete process digitization from the digital application by citizens to the processing in the administration (so-called OZG-Plus processes). In this way, the administration can be relieved and the administrative process can be significantly simplified for citizens.

EDAG Group as implementation partner for the digital city hall

Trained civento process consultants

References in the digitization of processes

Good partner network

Work out and develop solutions together

Experience in the digitization of administrative processes

Proven methods developed in-house

Source: munales


Source: OZG

Step 3 of the maturity model

The focus of our services is the digitization of third-level processes, also called OZG-Plus services.



Civento process extension of parking permits

Extension of the Civento processes for applying for a resident parking permit and an employee parking permit to include the option of extending parking permits

Service management system RhönEnergie

Optimisation of the internal service management system, and its extension and integration in a new, modern multi-project management.

Civento process for reporting the incineration of vegetable waste

Development of a Civento process for the notification of the incineration of vegetable waste, including the possibility of communication between the administration and the citizen, as well as the involvement of the fire department control center and the police department.

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