Project Description

Project description

Smart City Dashboard

Development, provision and operation of a dashboard for visualising urban data platforms and using smart city services

Development and operation of a smart city dashboard for all citizens of a town/city.
Divided into different sectors, for instance mobility, energy, environment, etc., sensor data, KPIs and static data are presented in comprehensible graphics and on a map.

Using an additional back-office dashboard, cities can customise the user front-end for themselves.

Possible solution:
Development and operation of an open source software and connection to existing urban data platforms powered by FIWARE

Key technical areas:
• UX strategy and USP definition
• Development and styling of a self-explanatory, responsive and low-barrier user interface design with Adobe XD
• Derivation of a style guide
• Frontend development of user dashboard based on open source software (React web app)
• Frontend development of back office



Nikolai Pappert
Business Development Manager Smart City

EDAG Group

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Alexander Süssemilch
Product Owner – Software & Digitalisierung

EDAG Group

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