Project description


Standardisation of automated valet parking

Standardisation for the qualification and certification of the car park infrastructure and vehicle functions, to achieve parking processes with different degrees of automation independent of vehicle manufacturer, infrastructure service provider and car park provider.

Possible solution
Development of procedures to standardise the interaction between the components person – vehicle – sensors – actuating elements – communication

Key technical areas
• Concept development and specification
• Business model development
• Software development for cloud and data platform
• Connectivity functions for vehicle and infrastructure, incl. IT security evaluation
• UX and UI design, app and web development
• Testing the automated driving functions with test vehicles in the in the research car park at Braunschweig with potential users
• Transfer and commissioning of the automated valet parking in the car parks at the Elbphilharmonie concert hall and ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg


Karina Schäfer
Business Development & Sales

EDAG Group

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Alexander Süssemilch
Product Owner – Software & Digitalisierung

EDAG Group

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