One for all: the CityBot

Two thirds of all people will be living in megacities in 2050.

In a city with 500,000 inhabitants, we would need 50,000 CityBots to meet all mobility, transport and work requirements. That is just a fifth of the vehicles on the road in a city today.

What will the future of urban mobility look like? Johannes Barckmann, Head of Global Fairs + Show Cars, Global Design Manager at EDAG Engineering GmbH, sees far more than just a means of transport in the CityBot:

This networked, fully autonomous robot vehicle with fuel cell drive is a complete mobility concept, i.e. a separate ecosystem, from which we also intend to develop new business models. With its numerous utility and rucksack modules, it can be individually configured and used around the clock for all kinds of tasks in the urban environment.

All this will happen in a cordoned-off area where only EDAG CityBots, bicycles and pedestrians are allowed.

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