OZG Priorisierungsworkshops


Project description Vorgehensmodell OZG OZG Priorisierungsworkshops Description The implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG) poses major challenges for many communities. With the help of our prioritization workshop, we [...]

Campus FreeCity


Project description Campus FreeCity MOBILITY PLATFORM Description Planning, development and operation of a mobility platform with integrated control system to control a networked fleet of modular robotic vehicles (see also [...]

Dashboard Paderborn


Project description Dashboard Paderborn Description In cooperation with the city of Paderborn and their already existing data platform we were able to develop a Smart City Dashboard, which visualizes the [...]

Dashboard Framework


Project description Dashboard Framework Visualization of Urban Data Platforms Description Development and maintenance of a smart city dashboard for all citizens of a city. Divided into different sectors like mobility, [...]