Warning of heavy rain – Early alarm system for heavy rain in the county of Fulda.

EDAG Production Solutions implements the heavy rain early alarm system together with the company Spekter.

Photo: Sebastian Mannert, County of Fulda

Heavy rainfall events have increased significantly in recent years and have led to flood disasters and flooding events. Especially in the months of June to August, there will be more frequent isolated heavy rainfall in the Federal Republic instead of large-scale continuous rainfall.

In order for the county of Fulda to be warned of heavy rain events and to be able to react, the heavy rain early alarm system is being implemented with EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KG (EDAG PS) and the company Spekter.

The first sensors will be deployed in 4 pilot communities in the county this year and the walk-throughs of the first areas for the sensors have already taken place. EDAG PS will install the sensors from Spekter in the selected communities in the coming weeks. In 2023, the early alarm system for heavy rainfall is to be rolled out across the entire county. This will be done in close cooperation with the regional authorities, such as the Lower Water Authority and the hazard prevention department of the Fulda county and the Office of Soil Management.

To ensure that citizens are involved in the project right from the start, EDAG PS has developed a defect reporter https://www.starkregen-fulda.de/melder. On the website, experiences with heavy rain events can be digitally recorded and communicated. The information from citizens is important to assist in the positioning of additional sensors in the district. In addition to the information already available from heavy rain hazard maps and data from the German Weather Service, the shared events from citizens are an informative basis for creating a county-wide network of heavy rain early alarm system sensors.

Functioning of the heavy rain early alarm system in the district of Fulda:

In the event of heavy rain, it is important to both early “detect, sensitize and protect” and timely “alert and defend”. With a so-called heavy rain hazard map, it is first made clear where flood-prone danger spots are and which flow paths are created as a result. A total of 180 sensors ensure that residents in the district are alerted at an early stage to the danger of a heavy rain event and that major damage can thus be prevented. Precipitation gauges, water gauges and canal sensors transmit real-time data on current weather conditions for this purpose. These are then combined with further weather data from the German Weather Service and geoinformation data. If a critical value is exceeded, citizens, the administration and the emergency services are alerted. This is done via web and app or with a call by mobile or landline phone.

Fulda county’s defect detector (Photo: EDAG Group)

How the heavy rain early alarm system works (Photo: Spekter GmbH).

How the heavy rain early alarm system works

If you would like to know more about the heavy rain early alarm system or about the project in the district of Fulda, please contact us or visit our partner Spekter.


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